JH-Reitsport Spring Saddles

The perfect presentation of horse and rider!

Our jumping saddles are made of vegetable tanned cowleather, the leather is not tanned with chrome, but with vegetable extract. This means that riders and horses cannot develop allergies, and the environment is protected. 

The saddle bar is made of synthetic material, reinforced with spring steel and semi-flexible. The chamber width can be adjusted through the infinitely adjustable stainless steel cup lever. This ensures that your saddle can be adapted to the horse on the spot at any time, and it can also be adapted to another horse. 

The pads are filled with synthetic fiber wool, that does not clump, and this ensures a comfortable feeling for the horse. You can get our models in sizes 17″ and 18″, and you can choose between different types of knee pads. In addition, you can also decide for yourself, whether the knee pads should be sewn on or with the velcro system, so you have the option of changing the knee pads according to your wishes and needs. The Velcro system has also proven very effective, when multiple riders use the saddle! The knee pads are padded with foam for optimal comfort. 

The jumping saddles have 3 girth straps, that gently but securely hold the saddle in the correct position. Our saddles are available in black or brown or two-tone. 

We offer you saddles, whose design and functionality can be tailored to your individual wishes. Likewise, there are no limits to the color design. You put together your dream saddle from the basic colors and different piping and seam colors. 

Our saddles are of course not only a visual highlight, but also a highlight for the horse. The saddle pads are filled with a special wool that is extremely soft and therefore lies easily on the back. A wide cushion channel ensures optimal freedom of movement for the spine, and if and when the horse changes its musculature, the saddle can be adjusted on the spot. 

Have we made you curious? 
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The popular model with a lily on the saddle flap is our classic among jumping saddles. 

The Avalon jumping model is made of soft calfleather and has a particularly tight seat for the horse. Developed in collaboration with professional riders for professional riders. Available in the colors black, brown and dark brown, and on request we can also make saddles 2-tone. The seams can be the same color or sewn with white thread. 


This model has a sporty and elegant design. The rider's thighs get extra support thanks to the foam on the small saddle flap. The Andiamo model is made of calfleather and has a particularly tight seat for the horse. Developed in collaboration with professional riders for professional riders. 

Carisso LN

Carisso Linda Naeve. We have developed this model in collaboration with the Northern German show jumper Linda Naeve. Here you can get the saddle flap with non-slip calfleather. 


With its eye-catching design, this saddle is a real eye-catcher, and with its extremely comfortable seat, this saddle meets all the demands of show jumping riders. This model is made of calfskin to ensure optimal slip resistance. "Holstein" comes with a discreet decorative seam, which is white on the standard model, but can also be supplied in black on request. The knee area is pulled further forward so that larger riders can also sit optimally. 


Tag-x is our newest jumping saddle model. It is made of high quality calf leather and has a narrow waist. You can choose padding individually, tag-x is available with either latex pads or conventional padding wool. You are of course free to choose the knee pads. Tag-x lets you sit comfortably and provides optimal support. 

Carisso Kombi Saddle

This saddle is available in cowleather or calfleahter. The saddle tree has an infinitely adjustable cup iron, so that the saddle can be adapted to the horse at any time. Large cushions with a wide cushion channel provide soft, very back-friendly support for the horse. 

Due to the narrow waist, the rider sits particularly close to the horse, and has an exceptionally comfortable seat, thanks to a special membrane in the seat. For the upholstery, we have chosen synthetic fiber wool, that does not clump and does not absorb moisture. In this way, stains cannot form in the upholstery. The pleasantly soft seat and the soft knee padding provide particularly high sitting comfort. Individual knee pads optimally position the rider in the saddle. 

We offer you saddles, where you can contribute with your individual design and functionality according to taste and needs. Choose between different seat types and different types of knee pads. Likewise, there are no limits to the color design. You can put together your dream saddle from the basic colors etc.