JH-Reitsport Service

Maintain the quality of your saddle

A horse's physique and muscles change continuously during its lifetime. To ensure the horse's health in the long term, we recommend that you regularly check and, if necessary, adjust the saddle. With these preventive measures, problems – such as injuries and saddle pressure – can be reduced and avoided. 

We recommend: Have your saddle checked at least once a year. Depending on the use of the saddle, the pad should be completely replaced after a few years. Our cushion filling consists exclusively of synthetic fibers, whose consistency and durability are ideal for optimal adaptation to the horse's back. This ensures optimal comfort for horse and rider. 

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Saddle construction

  • Only carefully selected leather is used in production.
  • In this work step, the cushions and saddle flap are connected to each other with needle and thread.
  • Great emphasis is placed on the seams being very precise and having the same size.
  • The cushions are filled with special upholstery wool that does not clump and remains permanently soft. In this way, the saddle will lie optimally on the horse's back.
  • Here you can see a small saddle flap that has already been sewn. This is now ready to be sewn together with the seat leather.
  •  In this work step, the saddle flap is connected to the knee pad. We use a special foam that feels particularly comfortable for the rider.
  • Here the small saddle flaps are sewn to the seat leather, it is very important that the work is done precisely so that the seat does not become crooked.

Saddle adjustment

Consultation agreement with test riding.

When testing the saddle, the saddle is placed lightly on the horse’s mane, and slowly moved backwards until it has found its place behind the horse's shoulder blade. Like a shoe for humans, a saddle must be neither too big nor too small, it must adapt to the anatomy and still allow sufficient freedom of movement. A dressage saddle is in the right balance when the lowest point is in the middle of the seat, a jumping saddle and combined saddle has the center of gravity slightly further back. 

The saddle's pads must lie evenly on the horse's back. However, as horses can change through training, growth, illness or through foaling time, we recommend having the saddle checked regularly. We are happy to adjust your saddle on the spot, and adjust the saddle at our mobile workshop. We drive throughout Germany and Austria. A trial period is non-binding and free of charge. You can try a JH Reitsport saddle on your own horse, and get competent advice on all aspects of saddles. Contact us by phone +49 171 9565673 or email for a trial period! 


Seminars & Workshops

For all riders and horse enthusiasts! 


We offer seminars about saddles. The intensive seminars that we hold together with veterinarians or osteopaths offer a practical and a theoretical part. The duration is about 2 hours of theory, followed by the practical part, where horses and saddles are used to show what to pay attention to, when buying a saddle, when a saddle needs to be looked after and which saddle fits which horse. The duration also depends on the participants' questions, we expect around 2 hours. 


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