JH-Reitsport Experiences

Maria Catherine Wulff

Maria Katharina Wulff - Rider and bearer of the silver riding badge with laurel.

Maria has successfully trained young dressage horses up to S-level for many years, and also successfully presents them at competitions. In recent years, Maria has had more than 50 placings and victories in dressage competitions, and many internationally successful horses were trained by Maria from the start. 

Dirk Ahlmann

Dirk Ahlmann has brought many young horses into the sport, such as E-Dream Girl (1995 and 1996 winner of the 5- and 6-year-old Schleswig-Holstein State Championships, and finalist at the World Championships in Zangersheide). With Cassone, he successfully participated in the Hamburg Derby in 2000, won the state championships with Askari, and became vice-federal champion among the 6-year-olds. He brought horses like Canturo, Corino (both later under Bernado Alves) and also Gitania (Markus Ehning) to international level Sport. Dirk Ahlmann also trains young riders, such as Alessa Hennings (German Champion Juniors 2006, Schleswig-Holstein Junior Champion 2005), Ann-Mari May (silver medal Schleswig - Holstein Championships Young Riders 2007), Zhanna Kim (participation EC 2008, Young Riders), and Janine Rijkens (3-time Schleswig-Holstein Junior Champion, participation in the 2007 EC in Auvers). 

Andreas Beckers

Economics student in Aachen, and since early childhood Andreas Beckers has been dedicated to equestrian sports. He trains jumping horses himself up to S level, and is also successful at national and international jumping competitions. One of Andrea's biggest successes is participating in the international jumping tournament at S*** level, the Grand Prix of Dobrock, which has endowments of €15,000. 

Andreas Becker's answer to the question of what convinces him about the saddles from JH Reitsport: 

For me, the saddles from the company JH-Reitsport above all mean comfort in connection with a top saddle for top sport. It’s provides a maximum connection to the horse, and sufficient mobility, combined to be able to react optimally in any situation. I use saddles from the JH-Reitsport brand, because both service and quality ensure that optimal performance can be achieved, regardless of whether there are different color variants or other individual requirements. My choice for a professional saddle: JH-Reitsport, sit in it and feel comfortable. 

Catherine Werndl

Show jumper from Germany with many national and international victories and placings up to S level. 

"For the past several months, I have been riding in saddles from the company JH Reitsport for training and competitions, and I am very enthusiastic. Due to their special construction, the horses experience no restrictions in their freedom of movement. The quality of the saddles is optimal, and the seat and the knee roll depth, which is adapted to my needs, is not only comfortable, but also effortlessly keeps the legs in their optimal position. The excellent service provided by the company JH Reitsport must also be emphasized. In short: I recommend JH Reitsport saddles, without reservation, to anyone who values maximum freedom of movement for the horse, high quality, an individually adapted seat and excellent service!" 

Ulrike Hatzl

As a rider, with an independent business, the opportunities are often limited in the first few years. We know how a saddle should lie, and it is very frustrating when a saddle does not lie properly, and it is noticeable in the horses. My long-time friend Axel, who had been following me for a long time, got the idea and put me in touch with Mr. Hildmann. Complete equipment of such quality that I was surprised. The quality of the leather has impressed me, and the amazing thing is: "The saddle fits". It fits many of my riding horses. They feel much more comfortable and are more flexible. I now have another one with a higher chamber, so I get by with two saddles for about 10 riding horses. 


What has changed? 

  • I can sit even better, because of course the saddle is also adapted to me.
  • Smaller, flat seat (I'm a small rider;) and the nice thing is that I can take the knee pads out, when I don't need them.
  • The horses work more loosely and relaxed.
  • The muscles can work freely and develop positively.
  • The transitions become more straight, I think this is due to the flexible saddle wood.
  • And because the saddles stay behind the shoulders, "more shoulder freedom"
  • In summary: "I have the horses better in front of me". Meanwhile, several of my customers have bought this saddle. 

Some feedback:

  • Since getting the saddle, I no longer have back pain after riding.
  • My mare is no longer getting cramp at the start. 

You just feel again and again that the saddle from jh-reitsport adapts to the horse and not the other way around. I would especially like to mention the extremely good service. When Mr. Hildmann regularly comes up north, the saddles can always be optimally adjusted, as he knows everything on the spot, you will never be left without a saddle again. Thanks to JH reitsport for the good cooperation.